Best Tennis Rackets

Best Tennis Rackets in 2021

Playing cool tennis isn’t just about athleticism anymore! You need impressive skills, energetic form and superb ball control in order to compete against your competitors. Plus, if you wish to play like Nadal or Roger Federer, you definitely need to have the right tennis racket in your hands. Unfortunately, many beginner and intermediate level tennis players select the wrong tennis rackets, which greatly affects their game. The wrong choice may hinder your performance and make you lose games. And we know you wouldn’t love that! Thus, here we have gathered for you the best Tennis rackets, ranging from budget options to those for serious matches. So sit back, and keep on scrolling down!

5 Best Tennis Rackets in 2021

Wilson Burn 100 Series Tennis Racket

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Strength, control and credibility, Wilson Burns’ 100 Series Racket have it all!

Its super effective ball control, and graceful design, makes it among the best. Wilson Burn has specifically designed this racket to ignite the power of the player, with its Countervail technology. This burn is optimal for baseliners with incredible ease to deliver controllable power on big cuts.

The best part of Wilson Burn 100 series racket is its Spin Effect Technology, which enables the player to increase ball speed without actually changing its swing. And in case, you are looking forward to blasting some explosive shots towards your opponent, its carbon fiber can do it all.


  • Lightweight
  • High-performance Carbon Filters- effectively ignite the strength of the shot.
  • It comes ready to use with the Sony Smart Tennis Sensor.
  • Spring effect technology and parallel drilling collectively provides a remarkable response.
  • Composed of graphite.


  • It may be hard to control by beginners.
  • Its stiffness might be an issue for few.
  • May cause wrist pain after regular usage.
  • Advanced players may dislike the lightness of the racket.

Wilson Pro Staff RF 97- Roger Federer Autograph Model

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We all love Roger Federer! After all, he’s someone every tennis player looks up to. Hence, getting a Federer signed racket is certainly no less than a miracle for all.

In addition, special matte black paint with laser-engraved graphics gives Wilson Pro Staff RF 97, an absolutely elegant look. Most importantly, the control it offers to the player is indeed phenomenal. The high level of stability of the racket is very effective for defensive strokes, ensuring its credibility.

Therefore, if you are an experienced tennis player who loves to plow through the ball, Wilson Pro Staff RF 97 is your dream racket! However, you do not need to be confident while playing as it requires plenty of power by the player himself.

If you are an advanced level player of the sport and possess a sound technique of the game, Wilson Pro Staff RF 97 surely worth a try. It simply brings out the best in your game!


  • The classic leather grip ensures stronghold.
  • First racket in the Wilsons Attacking Player segment.
  • Heavy weight for massive power.
  • Counter-balanced to manage stability.
  • Leek black finish with laser engraved graphics.
  • The autograph of Roger is there to inspire young players.


  • Not suitable for beginner or intermediate players with improper techniques.
  • Very stiff frame- may not be good for sensitive elbow and arms.
  • Poor Maneuverability.
  • No cover available.

Babolat’s Boost Aero Tennis Racket

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If you are a new player to the sport and looking for something best in the market, Babolat’s Boost Aero Tennis Racket is certainly hard to miss!

Babolat’s Boost Aero Tennis Racket is ideal for recreational players, who prioritize playing for pleasure. Plus, its bright and elegant design makes it perfect for women and beginners.  It is an inspiration for Rafael Nadal’s racket and is 100% graphite and oval framed.

The Boost Aero comes in at 9.8 ounces strung— a super comfortable weight for junior players.

Thus, If you want something lightweight, easy to handle with exceptional maneuverability, Babolat‘s Boost Aero Tennis Racquet has to be your choice. I am sure you’d love it!


  • An Ideal Frame for junior players.
  • Extremely lightweight- only 9.8 ounces.
  • Full graphite frame.
  • Large Head Size: 102 sq. inches.
  • Easy to handle.
  • Relatively inexpensive.


  • Not suitable for intermediate and advanced level players
  • Lacks the ability to smash power shots from the baseline.
  • A 102-inch head size might not be large enough for all players liking.
  • It does not stand against rough treatments.

Babolat’s-Pure Strike Tennis Racket-16 X 9

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Do you want to instantly improve your game? Then get yourself Babolat’s pure strike Racket right now!

Babolat’s pure strike racket is specifically designed for experienced players who love dominating their opponents from the baseline. Plus, Its thin beamed frame and ‘16X9’ string pattern are ideal for generating ample spin.

The Woofer Dynamic String System helps string and frame contact time, allowing for greater control and a sensation of comfort. Thus, it would work wonders for all tennis fanatics!


  • The interaction between Frame and string makes the head super easy to move.
  • Durable-composed of solid graphite.
  • The hybrid shape and heavyweight offers stability, accuracy, and effective responsiveness.
  • Incredible grip.


  • Small sweet spot.
  • Unsuitable for players with different hand sizes.
  • Heavyweight may cause discomfort to sensitive arms.
  • Poor Maneuverability.
  • Not be great for beginners

Babolat’s Pure Drive Lite Tennis Racket 

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Comprising of all technological advances of the heavier models, Babolat’s Pure Drive Lite Tennis Racket certainly meets the expectations. With shock-absorbing Carbon-Fiber, It’s perfect to give you complete control to dominate your opponent.

It blends incredible power and remarkable spin, accurate for rising juniors. Babolat’s Pure Drive Lite Tennis Racket ensures tremendous performance along with the pure playability. Its FSI technology provides optimal control to the players.

If wishing to give your opponent a hard time, Babolat’s Pure Drive Lite Tennis Racket should be your ultimate choice. Mark my words!


  • Holds all the advanced features of heavy rackets.
  • Ideal for juniors, looking to enhance their game.
  • Incredible spin
  • Light-weighted
  • Super easy to use
  • Colored string


  • Unsuitable for advanced players
  • Color limitations.
  • Lightweight- may get unstable during rough matches

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Tennis Racket 

Finding a perfect racket can drastically improve your game. With the right racket, you would surely be able to get more balls over the net and into the court. And most importantly, you’d enjoy the game more. Thus there are certain aspects such as pricing, which one must consider while buying a tennis racket including:

Head Size

The power of the shot is directly related to the head size of the racket. Therefore, a beginner or intermediate level player should always choose a racket with a large head size. In contrast, advanced level players may prefer small head sizes.

String Pattern

If you want ample spin, a racket with an Open string pattern has to be your choice. However, you may also choose dense string Patten if looking for something durable.

Weight and Stability

This is a very important factor to be considered which is often neglected. If the weight and balance of the racket don’t suit you, you’d be unable to control the ball and eventually miss shots.

Perfect Grip

The grip doesn’t just give you great hold of the racket but improper grips often cause wrist injuries along with poor performance. Hence, always choose a racket with a suitable grip.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Q1-How much does a beginner tennis racket costs?

Ans-Fortunately, you don’t need to worry about pricing while purchasing beginner tennis racket as most are made up of aluminum, and are relatively inexpensive.

Q2-Which material will be great for the tennis racket?

Ans-Different materials have different pros and cons. Graphite is usually preferred due to its durability. However, Titanium is also often used for offering lightness to the racket. And if pricing is a concern, aluminum is preferred.

Q3-Should I buy the lightest racket?

Ans-Light weight racket might be captivating but they are often unable to give ample power during smash. Thus, always buy a racket that ignites smashes.

Q4-What about more extended racquets?

Ans-Extended rackets are great, as they give you high power and are easier to control and maneuver. Hence, we recommend you to go for the standard size of 27 inches.

Q5-What grip size should I go for?

Ans-In order to determine the suitable grip size, you may examine your palm and make suitable measurements. The average measurement is to be anywhere around 4 to 4 5/8 inches. You should go for the grip size that is perfect for your palm.

Final Verdict

Investing in one of our 5 best tennis rackets is completely worth it. A quality rackets don’t just help you win matches but truly grows you as a player. The right choice would surely feel perfect in your hands and make you fall in love with the sport.

You might have come across reviews of various rackets, but this guide has been written with absolute honesty and research. These rackets would certainly maximize your skills and bring out the best of you!

Happy Shopping!

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